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We've been ​bringing our literary tarot technique to audiences across the UK since 2018. From individual readings, to corporate events, to on-stage interviews in front of hundreds of people, we've got plenty of experience as professional readers, and have yet to find a challenge the cards can't rise to.

Below, you'll find an overview of the services and performance styles that we most often provide for clients. But if you've got something else in mind, let us know! We're always open to great and/or strange new ideas.

Litwitchure PRESENTS...

On-stage, unscripted tarot readings with interviewees

A panel discussion for the brave of heart… like Desert Island Discs, but if you’d been stuck on the island for several months and are already half mad.

We read writers’, artists', or celebrities' tarot cards live on stage in front of festival or event audiences, using the cards to explore their hopes, dreams, fears, and achievements. It’s riotous, unpredictable, full of surprises, and almost always described as the most entertaining interview our interviewee has ever done - regardless of whether or not they believe in the tarot.

We've performed Litwitchure Presents at Green Man, Port Eliot, End Of The Road, Waterstones, and The Big Book Weekend. Special guests have included Emma Jane Unsworth, Jarvis Cocker, Lucy Mangan, Nina Stibbe, Caroline O'Donoghue, Sandra Newman, Amy Sackville, Lucy Anne Holmes, Ruth Ware & Zing Tsjeng.


"Magical, genuinely the most wonderful event I've ever done - captivating, delightful and funny."

Nina Stibbe, bestelling author of Love Nina, at Port Eliot Festival 2018



Personal tarot readings for guests at all types of events

There's almost no event which can't be improved by the presence of a tarot reader or two. In fact, we promise to delight and astound with just 78 cards each. Working individually, we offer insightful, empowering, and mystical readings for guests or attendees, with the type and length of reading tailored to the event.

So far, we've taken our tarot wagon* to Wales to perform as part of The Curious & Co. at Camp VC, a women's only motor and adventure sports festival; helped launch beautiful collections for Ganni and Preen Home with Matches Fashion; provided occult advice within the brutalist halls of The Barbican; bewitched a few book parties; and added a bit of extra magic to various birthday parties, hen dos, and weddings.

*Public transport, we're not fancy enough for a wagon yet.

"Fascinating. It felt like more of a therapy session."

Charlie Clift, award-winning photographer (he took the picture on the left)


Workshop introductions
to literary tarot reading

Want to learn to read the tarot? Needless to say, there are courses (and books) that can help you to get started - and we're always happy to give recommendations.


But if you're looking for an enjoyable and energetic group event which will give you an introduction to the cards, an overview of how secular tarot practice works, and the chance to practice spreads under the guidance of two experienced readers, then we might be the answer.

We've already run workshops at End Of The Road and Deer Shed Festivals, teaching hundreds of attendees about the Major and Minor Arcana, and inspiring more than a few of them to get their own cards and begin to learn more.  


"Of course, it's nonsense.
But it is fun."

Lucy Mangan, author, columnist, & occult skeptic


Readings for individuals and groups in London and online

We currently only offer private readings on an ad hoc basis, as our schedules permit. 

The Litwitchure style of tarot reading is not traditional: we aren't psychics, and we don't give predictions. Instead, we use the cards to help our querent explore the topic, issue, or situation that they're facing, with the aim of giving them a new perspective and empowering them to find their way forward. 


If that sounds like it might be for you, do get in touch and we'll let you know our availability for private readings.

Private readings



Because we offer several different types of service, including bespoke performances, we don't have a set fee. We quote based on the individual requirements of each client, taking into account associated costs such as preparation time, and travel expenses if the event is outside London.


Please get in touch to let us know your requirements, and we'll come back to you as quickly as possible with a quote for our services, including a breakdown of costs where applicable.    

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