Welcome to Litwitchure, the literary tarot cabaret & consultancy by Fiona Lensvelt and Jennifer Cownie: readers of books, and dabblers in the occult.

We believe that tarot readings should be empowering and enjoyable. So, we create unusual, delightful, and surprising tarot performances that let everyone and anyone experience a little bit of the magic of the cards. 

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What's NEXT?

Summer 2021

The tarot wagon is rolling again - get in touch if you have any propositions.


We're Jen and Fiona, the tarot readers behind Litwitchure.


Like a lot of people, we first encountered tarot in our teens (and had no idea what we were doing). Many years later, we decided to revisit it and learn more about the practice of tarot reading. We trained at Treadwell's in London, one of the UK's oldest and most respected occult establishments, before setting up Litwitchure in 2018.


Since then, we've toured the UK with our literature-inspired method of tarot reading, providing interviews, performances, workshops, and private readings for creative individuals at all sorts of different venues and events. 




After almost 600 years, the tarot has gained a reputation for being dark, unfathomable, and little sinister. We think that’s a shame. Tarot is certainly mysterious but, at its heart, it’s an empowering practice. It should be illuminating, not frightening.

That’s why we decided to do things differently, with less fortune-telling and more story-telling. During our training as tarot readers, we were struck by the similarities between the tarot deck and literature. The cards of the Major and Minor Arcana are archetypes, a distillation of human experience into moments, figures, and events that are recognisable to everyone, capturing everything from the most serious and profound aspects of life... to the very silliest. The role of the tarot reader is to trace the patterns in the cards, transforming a set of symbols into a meaningful narrative. And a great tarot reading should be a great story: one that helps you discover more about yourself.

That's why we practice a modern, secular tarot. We aim to help people make sense of their present rather than see into the future: whether that’s by finding a new perspective on a situation or problem, prompting a moment of clarity about themselves and their needs, or even giving them a flash of creative inspiration.

More than anything, we want everyone to leave their reading with us feeling enlightened - or, at the very least, entertained.

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If you'd like to book us for an event or performance, or find out more about what we can do, please get in touch!

Looking for a private READING?

We receive a lot of requests for individual private readings, which we love being able to do! However, we both work full-time in addition to running Litwitchure, and so our availability can be rather limited. If you're looking for a regular tarot reader, or would like a reading very soon, we recommend going to Treadwell's, who work with talented and experienced readers.

If you've got your heart set on a literary reading with us, and don't mind a bit of a wait, click here for more information .